We believe that life is better if you eat well. So we put a strong emphasis on the food we provide on our trips.

River lunches are fresh, easy to prepare, nutritious, of high caloric value, and easy to digest – this has all been thoroughly thought-through.

You'll find grilled meats, fresh vegetables and lots of fruit.

The classic Argentine asado barbecue, like the one we provide on the Manso Frontera trip, is the ultimate expression of local cuisine. Incredibly tender meat (the key is in the preparation!), along with a complete salad bar, make an asado the perfect way to top off a day of adventure.

The wines we serve are always from Patagonia. From the Bodega Fin del Mundo, we offer a line of blends, like Malbec-Syrah, that make the ideal pairing for the asado.

As you see, there's a lot of care put into the gastronomical elements of our trip. We hope you enjoy these meals as much as we've enjoyed designing them.

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