Informal, spontaneous, friendly and fun - that’s how you could describe our style and our trips.

Our objective is to offer a warm and comfortable atmosphere, and encourage you to discover the natural world - and perhaps to discover something about yourself.

Our guides are warm and fun hosts, always ready to help you live your vacation to the fullest, and to assure you that our trips are full of discovery, camaraderie and laughs.

Safety is important to us, but we’re not the army! We’re professionals, but we’re far from rigid.

We’re experienced, prepared and safety-conscious.

Safety procedures are clearly explained before each activity and at different moments throughout the trips.

Our guides are trained in First Aid and CPR, and on each trip, they are equipped with a full first aid kit.

We respect all technical requirements set out by the National Parks administration and by the Argentine Coastguard.

We provide you with specific equipment for each activity, and for longer trips we provide you with a "what to bring" list.

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